Thursday, April 14, 2016


I knoooow ... you want a chill out DIY ! After so much DIY adventures you need a bit of rest. 

So what ? a bracelet ? But not any bracelet ... it's THE bracelet OF-YOUR-LIFE

So let's watch it NOW !

by ArtAreA
Actor/ casting director /makeup artist / stunt / DIY woman : Agnès Le Pimpec
Light designer / cameraman/ special effects / movie maker / director : Maciek Gosniowsky


You want to go to the beach

You do not have space to pack all your stuff

You have to many long troussers

Agnès has a solution...

trousers = hand bag ?? YAAAAAPPP

by ArtAreA association
Actor / casting director/ makeup artist / stunt / DIY woman : Agnès Le Pimpec
Light designer / cameraman/ special effects / movie maker / director : Maciek Gosniowsky


Spring is already outside the window and you do not have a garden?
Agnès has a solution...

Let's see how to create the Vertical garden OF-YOUR-LIFE ! 

by ArtAreA association 
Actor / casting director /makeup artist / stunt / DIY woman : Agnès Le Pimpec
Light designer / cameraman/ special effects / movie maker / director : Maciek Gosniowsky

Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Today is the beginning of something which will change your life ! Everyday you throw out stuff in your bin but you don't know that the life of your plastic bottles, cans, rolls in hardpaper and so on is not over !

Our tutorials will show you in 2-4 minutes how to give a second life to your bin. Each week the ArtAreA Crew will find for you ideas of DIY and advice to recycle.

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First Step : The Wallet of your Life

by ArtAreA
Actor/ casting director/makeup artist/ stunt/ DIY woman : Agnès Le Pimpec
Light designer / cameraman/ special effect/ movie maker / director : Maciek Gosniowsky

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas break !

Do you love christmas time? Streets are full of traffics, thousands screaming people in shopping malls, empty wallet because of gifts, clothes are smelling like a food ... YEAH CHRISTMAS TIME!

Anyway we wish you merry christmas, that this time will be full of family energy, that you will take a breathe - and full of energy you will do first step in new year!


Wednesday, December 9, 2015

A bit of poesy in this world of brutes

de Jacques Prévert(1900-1977)
Poète français

Il dit non avec la tête

Mais il dit oui avec le cœur
Il dit oui à ce qu'il aime
Il dit non au professer
Il est debout
On le questionne
Et tous les problèmes sont posés
Soudain le fou rire le prend
Et il efface tout
Les chiffres et les mots
Les dates et les noms
Les phrases et les pièges
Et malgré les menaces du maître
Sous les huées des enfants prodiges
Avec des craies de toutes les couleurs
Sur le tableau noir du malheur
Il dessine le visage du bonheur.

from Jacques Prévert(1900-1977)
French poet

He says no with his head

But he says yes with his heart
He says yes to what he loves
He says no to the teacher
He stands
He is questioned
And all the problems are posed
Sudden mad laughter seizes him
And he erases all
The figures and the words
The dates and the names
The sentences and the snares
And despite the teacher's threats
Under the jeers of infant prodigies
With chalk of every color
On the blackboard of misfortune
He draws the face of happiness.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

"Oh my God! please don't!" - Agnes hit the desk by her forehead to express her feeling. Ivan walking around the main room with cellphone. His body is moving as a wave, eyes are hide by fog of emotion, his hearth start to pump blood faster and faster. Yes...he is listening Adele for thousand time in this day. 
Maciej just moves fast from the room to talk on the phone with another biggest and strongest love of his life, only Babsi still can stand Adele - maybe she doesn't want to show that she enjoys Adele in the same level as Ivan...YEAAH! THAT'S THE POINT! 
Agnes is trying to be focused on work but her face shows "I will kill this guy in second, I promise". Immediately Macieks enters in the room, so smily, looking like a sun (but only in his point of view, for the rest he looks like a sun, but more in rainy, ugly night...)
"Did he say that he loves you?" - Ivan just pause the Adele for a second (Agnes exhales with relief so deeply).
"No it's not the point, Radi invites us to watch Sidi Larbi performance.
In Babsi eyes such a hot fire appears - "Oh GOSH! I love his work...RUN GUYS!"
" hour" - Maciek keeps her emotion calm. 
So we set the projector, and start to enjoy the show. It was dance theatre show, based on contemporary dance technique. Full of emotion, very dip, expressive and hard in few moments. We can recommend it for you. "Sidi Larbi - Foi" is amazing show, honestly.